ENGLISH IMPROV class & performance IN BERLIN

Scratch Theather

is an english speaking improv theater located in Berlin. We offer classes to beginners, intermediates & advanced performers of improv. We offer a fun introduction to improv whether you are an artist, a public speaker, storyteller or just someone who wants to be more comfortable in a public setting. And if you are more advanced in acting, but want to improve your improv, we do that to. Read more on what we offer below.

Beginner class

Learn the basic rules of improv while finding your true voice in a fun relaxed and safe environment.

Intermediate class

The bare bones of great story telling. Want to go beyond just games? Learn how to weave stories and what makes an audience interested n watching.

Advanced Class

Taking all the elements from the intermediate class and expanding to a higher level of complexity. Learn how to edit scenes, find the emotional Hero’s journey in the story while converging with the other players to tell one long form story. (Audition required)


Every month we perform shows in different formats depending on the skillset of our students. Come and and feel the improv spirit!


We love to play , to have fun and are enthusiastic and positive people.
Commit to whatever we play

To be good improvisors we have to risk and if we risk we are gonna make mistakes, lot of mistakes, that could make us look like fools but we don't care because we feel safe in the group and know that our fellow players are never gonna judge us and are always going to try to make the best out of our mistakes and make us look good.


the teachers

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Robert Rodgers

Robert studied acting and improv at A.C.T. and B.A.T.S In 1995 became a founding member of SCRATCH THEATER touring for 10 years around the US performing long form improv. In 2015 he brought Scratch to Berlin, Germany
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Javier Avila

Javier started in 2008 with Laugh Olympics Berlin. Later he joined the german group Schmetterlings and the spanish group Berlin ES Impro. In 2015 he and Robert Rodgers brought Scratch Theater back to life with a long Form for 2 performers.

Words from our students

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