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Our January 2018 class is now full! We're planning a second class due to the high demand. It will likely begin sometime in February.  Sign up to be the first to know about the exact timing and get a spot.

You've heard of improv, and even seen a show or two. Now it's time to jump in and play in a safe environment with a few special people as open-minded as you, eager, and willing to get silly without fear of judgement. 

This class will reignite your sense of discovery. We go beyond games (but enjoy our fair share on the way) by diving into emotions and storytelling. We're keeping this course very small because trust, collaboration, and honesty between players is the biggest strength a group of improvisers has. We really believe this. And we want everyone to get loads of time to play and try things out.

You'll learn: 

  • using agreement to move forward by saying “yes, and…” to others’ ideas
  • looking after fellow players, allowing everyone to improve and enjoy themselves
  • C.R.O.W. - the basics of creating Characters that are believable, Relationships in scenes, Objectives to strive for, and a vivid picture of Where we are
  • status (high and low) and how to apply it to your scene work
  • so, so much more...

Funnily enough, we do not emphasize being funny in this course. The humour derives from the moment. In this safe environment we will celebrate failing, empowering you to find your voice. You'll learn to be an improviser.

Due to high demand for our January course, we're accepting signups for a second one! Get your spot and we'll be in touch.


You've taken a few classes and maybe even performed a couple times? Then one of our intermediate classes is your jam. Running several times weekly, we work on developing more advanced techniques and really looking after our fellow players. Listening, intimacy, emotional work and slowing down are the name of the game here. We'll also work on stage presence and thinking as an audience member.

Intermediate classes run weekly. Send us the details of your improv and/or performing background and we'll fit you in the right class! No matter your experience, there's a group for you.


The advanced group trains more specific topics, like working with music, lighting, and solo scenes. Believability and acting skills are given more focus. Looking after fellow players is a prerequisite. Bonus: performing as an ensemble is a regular part of the training, often opening for a Scratch Theater show!

To inquire about the advanced group, send us the details of your improv and/or performing background and we'll begin the conversation!


We host workshops on different topics quite often, from three hours to weekend-long intensives. And we sometimes host guest improvisors that inspire us! Past workshops have included:

  • "Starting in the middle"
  • "Storytelling for improvisers"
  • "Closeness and intimacy"
  • "Playing with status"

Workshops are announced as they come up. Get the latest on Facebook.